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Paper Bird

Fusion cuisine is no new concept in Sydney, and Paper Bird revolves around the idea of East meets West by offering dishes that are inspired by Asian flavours. 

The team had decided to go about this dish in a not so conventional way - deconstructedtakoyaki. Even though this dish dosen't look like the real deal, but with all the right elements in place, the flavours were spot on. The charred octopus, shaved bonito flakes and mayo plus the taco at the bottom really grasp the essence of takoyaki.

Fried prawn toasty sounds familiar? It is common dish on the menu for yum cha. The toasts were super crunchy, however the prawn flavour was lost in the oiliness.

Jamon and scallion pancake, what an odd combination. Interestingly the two paired up nicely, the jamon was rich in flavour and melts in your mouth instantly. Eating it along with the pancake almost feels like having a pancake sandwich.

The golden fried chicken was a dish that's hard to miss. I have to say the chicken was cooked with …

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