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Madame Shanghai

Madame Shanghai is part of Lotus Group's latest creation. The design of the restaurant was inspired by a pre-war Shanghai look where the East meets the West. More emphasis is placed by dressing some of the staff in the traditional Chinese dress of "qipao". 
These warm olives had soaked up all the flavours of the different spices, and they were good to snack on.

These dumplings had good flavours, and what we loved more was the al dente dumpling skin. It had a nice chew to it. 

Cumin and lamb are best friends, and this is a take on a traditional Chinese dish. The cutlets were super tender and packed with great flavours. Our joy didn't end there - it was a clever move adding that miso butter, which gave the meat extra creaminess. 

Another bonus was the tempura saltbush on the side. It has always been a favourite of ours. This Australian native bush food has a natural saltiness and fresh grassy undertones. We chewed up the crispy leaves in no time. 

This fried rice was decent…

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